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Can Affiliate Memberships Make Money?

Yes, some affiliate memberships can make money. There are some very necessary tools to make it work. How successful you are depends on promotion, afterall, if no one is knowledgeable about your program . . no signups! The most simple and easiest way, although time consuming, is through emails. If you don't have a list, create one by replying to all the junk emails you receive. If your email is not returned, you now have a person on your list.

Recommended Affiliations

AWeber Communications: An autoresponder company which acts like your personal secretary. Once you have composed your letters (emails) and provided leads to send letters to, AWeber AutoResponder handles all your outgoing mail and subscriber sign ups. A great program for the person getting started online, double opt-in protecting you from spam complaints, bonuses for your list with many other benefits. AWeber Communications

Hostgator Hosting: At Hostgator, you can build your own website via cpanel, learn how to build your website at featured classes, or purchase a promotional hostgator website which is fully developed, updated and maintained.. You will need a registered domain for your website. Receive $9.94 off your first month of hosting using the coupon code: affiliateplace. Great commissions paid on your sponsored members. Hostgator Hosting

Internet Niche Lab (INL): Internet Niche Lab will teach you to grow your internet business by online instruction and personal development. Free tools and software available and the instructors are experienced and the best in the business. Levels of membership include a free membership. Internet Niche Lab

GroupMail 5 Email Software by Infacta: A personal group email program which allows import, export, personalization to be sent to groups. Fast. Insert first name, last name in subject and address, signature. Free trial edition available. Use any free leads available after downloading. Short learning curve.Group Mail 5.2

Free Leads: This company will supply free leads. Upgrades are also available. They have two options, the first is you can acquire more leads by referrals. The second option is to purchase leads which are fairly reasonable. Remember, the more you pay for leads, the better the quality. However, you can check out your own free leads for quality. More information here: Free Leads

US Free Ads Advertising: This is a great place to place classified advertising. You can join for Free and use affiliate referral links on your website. You are allowed unlimited ads. Join Here: US Free Ads